Wednesday, April 27, 2016

St. Francis University WWII Presentations

On Friday, April 22nd, my students were able to connect with history in a way most high school students are never able to.  Dr. Sarah Myers from St. Francis University and her Public History students brought in World War II Artifacts that were actually used during the war.  The items were displayed throughout my classroom and students were able to travel to each station in order to gain insight into the various topics.  The topics that the St. Francis students presented on were WWII uniforms, WWII weapons, WWII propaganda, WWII Letters Home, WWII Medals, WWII Medical Kits, and WWII Music.  My students had a blast interacting with living pieces of history and made the WWII Era something much more than just a story.  I have been in touch with Dr. Myers and she informed me that they will be opening a WWII Museum in Loretto, that will include all of the pieces that they brought to my class as well as much more.  Overall, the presentations were amazing and made Friday one of the most impactful days I’ve had as a student or an educator.